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Services & Fees

West Wind Dog Training accepts cash, check, or  PayPal sent to

Make checks out to West Wind Dog Training or Karen Peak.  There will be a $25 fee for returned checks.  If you are paying by cash and will need change let WWDT know at least 24 hours in advance so your needs can be accommodated.Cash or check is due the first session.  Electronic Payments are due 24 hours before the session.

Each option below will be supplemented with various notes and videos which will be emailed to you. Please make sure the email provided to West Wind Dog Training is correct and that you check your spam folder. Sometimes emails with attachments may be redirected to spam. You can follow up between sessions with videos and emails for feedback.  However, if you are choosing the video options, the ability for you to record and send is helpful so I can see what you are doing between our online meetings.

Single Consult/Evaluation - $90.00

This is designed to evaluate  the dog and provide the owner with information regarding a possible plan.  Alternatively if there is a minor manners concern the owner needs addresses a consult and possible follow up may be enough.. If additional sessions are wanted and WWDT is contacted within two weeks of the consult, the consult fee will be applied to the four-session training package below with the balance due at the next session

Two Private Sessions - $160.00

$160.00 for two private training sessions. The sessions run 60 minutes. The first session is designed to evaluated the dog and provide the owner with a training action plan. The second session will be to check progress. If additional work is wanted, WWDT will be contacted within 14 calendar  days of the final session and the additional work will be at the cost of $80 per session.

Four private sessions - $320.00

$320.00 for four (4) one-hour private training sessions. The first session is designed to evaluated the dog and provide the owner with a plan of action.  WWDT can be contacted within thirty days of the final session and the additional work will be at the cost of $60 per session.

On Line Consults - $60.00/session

These are done through  Zoom.

Conformation Work

$60.00 per one hour session.  The focus of these sessions are for the sport of Conformation showing such as getting a puppy started, socializing, examination by judge, table work, ring patterns, working with a Junior Handler (including 4-H), etc.  For Conformation showing the dog must be a purebred recognized by and registered with a recognized registry. (4-H and UKC Juniors show has different requirements and breed or cross does not matter for Junior handling). If you are unable to get into a handling class, consider starting with a couple private handling sessions to get you started.


These are designed for what you need for your business or club.  A few things are: are you ready for a dog?  How should you go about choosing a dog?  Working through certain undesired manners like jumping, managing the high energy dog, etc.  Helping clients prepare dogs for veterinary visits or trips to the groomer.  Dog/Child safety classes for your clients, etc.  Contact to discuss needs and fees.

Payment for the training service is due at the start of the first consult /session. West Wind Dog Training (WWDT) has a strict NO REFUND policy.

WWDT will not be held responsible should the client fail to complete the contracted training session or for the client failure to be at designated session site at the designated time.

In the event that the client needs to reschedule, please contact WWDT with at least 24 hours notice whenever possible. 

In the event that the client fails to arrive/be at designated meeting site, WWDT will wait fifteen (15) minutes at which time the session will be canceled and considered done. The client will not be penalized for WWDT having to reschedule a session due to but not limited to traffic, illness, etc.



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