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Health and Breeding

Following are various articles and information sheets regarding some common health and breeding concerns with our dogs. They are not designed to take the place of veterinary care. These are for private use only.  Contact me for permission to reprint for public use. The articles are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader to view.  If you do not have reader, it can be downloaded here:  

FAQs about Heat Cycles in Dogs When should you expect your gal's first cycle, when is the best age to spay, what are the risks of not spaying?

Hybrid Vigor Often touted in crossbred dogs, does it truly exist in crossbred to the level we would like to think? Very controversial topic with genetics examples.

Dangers of Relying on Internet Advice The internet is both a beneficial and dangerous place.  How much should you rely on it for pet advice?

Pedigrees, Registration and Breeding How much do you know? Are pedigrees and registrations really a sign of quality? 

Spaying and Neutering Looking at both surgeries.

To Breed or Not To Breed That is the big question. Are you ready to breed your dog? Will you better a breed or just add to the potential unwanted population. What makes some breeders rise above others.

Is This Toy Safe? Some recommend a toy while others blast it. Is the toy you want to buy for your dog really a safe choice?

When to Call the Vet Is it an emergency or not?  A few ideas to help determine if you should call a vet or not.


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