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Choosing A Dog

Following are various articles and information sheets regarding choosing a dog, considerations of type of dog, sources of your dog, etc. These are for private use only.  Contact me for permission to reprint for public use.  The articles are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader to view.  If you do not have reader, it can be downloaded here:  

Please check out the Training and Behavior articles as well before you get a dog. Many will help you decide if you can truly commit!

Choosing a Rescue Dog Just as it is hoped you will research a breeder before buying a dog, it is hoped you will research the rescue you decide to work with. As with breeders, not all rescues and shelters are created equally.  The choice your make and the work you do prior to adopting could be the difference between a SUPERB companion and heartbeak.

Pet Owner's Pledge Will you make this pledge to a potential pet? Can you commit fully? 

Am I Ready For A Dog? Things that must be considered, long and short term, before you even consider what type of dog is for you.

Five Mistakes Owners and Potential Owners Make Think you are ready for a dog, now look at some mistakes or forgotten things that can affect your future.

How Much Will That Dog REALLY Cost? Looking at short term and long term expenses that many potential owners overlook when considering a dog.

Purebred or Crossbred The choice is personal, however, there are things to consider.

Is This Breed Dumb? Is there really such thing as a stupid or untrainable breed, or are we just misunderstanding what a breed was developed to do?

Keeping Up With the Joneses: a look at rare breeds Do you want the newest fad or the rarest thing? Is this a wise idea when considering a dog?  Looking at issues with rare breeds.

Choosing a Puppy (may be applied to adult dogs) Things to consider when looking at a breeder's home or facility.  Some of these may be applied to rescue groups as well.

Finding that Special Puppy (or dog) Pet shops, Backyard Breeders, Hobby/Show Breeders, Rescues, taking a look at the four main sources of a new pet.

What to Ask When You Go To A Breeder You have decided to work with a breeder, how do you know they are serious about the health and quality of the puppies being produced? 


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