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Breed Specific Legislations

Over the years, I have become increasingly involved with fighting Breed Specific Legislations.  I decided to write a series of articles and musings on them.  Unless otherwise noted, these writings may be used by any organization wishing to help educate the public, lawmakers, etc., about why BSLs fail.  These articles are free for use as long as credit is given back to me.  Credit information is at the bottom of each article.  If you are posting them on a website, please link back to West Wind Dog Training.

Thank you and let's keep up the fight for our dogs! 

It is not the dog that is the dangerous one, but the person owning it

Please Visit the Breed Specific Legislation Education website by Karen Peak.

 The articles are in PDF format and will require Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have reader, it can be downloaded here:  

Out of the Mouths of Babes Looking at dangerous dogs through the eyes if children during a dog bite prevention class.

You Can't Ban Snoopy Looking at public perspectives and how they change based on breed.  Taken from personal experience with a client in early 2000.

How a Breed Gets Banned Fiction based on fact account of how a dangerous dog is made and the road to restrictions.

Breed Specific Legislation FAQ's Commonly asked questions regarding breed bans.

Open Letter Regarding BSL Written when I first began fighting and educating against BSL. 

Failure of Breed Specific Legislation Why BSLs fail and why better dog laws must be found.

Steps to Fighting BSL Now sure where to go or who to contact? Not sure of what arguments to make?  Not sure how to present your organization or group? This will help.

Unwrapping Pit Bulls How misunderstood is the American Pit Bull Terrier? Are they really inherent killers? A bit of history and explanation of pit bull and a wonderful group of dogs.

Why All Breeds Need to Fight Just because you assume your breed will never be mentioned in a ban or restriction does not mean you are absolved from helping other or that your breed will never be targeted.

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