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About WWDT

West Wind Dog Training was started in 2000 after many years of dreaming and planning.  I wanted to bring a fun and positive training program geared more towards teaching manners and assisting the average dog owner learn to better communicate with and understand his/her canine companion.

Dog show spot.

February 16, 2005, WTTG Fox 5 News Washington, DC.

 Karen Peak and Holly Morris.

Ultimately, we make our dogs what they are: good or bad. If we do not give dogs what they needs physically and mentally, then we open the door for trouble.  If we succeed, then wondrous things can happen. For more information please read:

Why should I train my dog?

There is no perfect way to train a dog.  I try to find the best and most positive way to encourage you and your canine to learn together. I want to avoid aversive methods and make myself and you a positive element in your dog's life. I have learned over the years that NO dog needs threatening methods, prongs, chokes, alpha rolls, etc. When you threaten your dog, you break down your relationship.  Respect and fear are not the same.  We cannot gain respect or build a good relationship with any creature when we base our relationship in fear. For more information please read:

 My Training Philosophy

In 2001, I expanded and developed the Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project.  The goal of the SK/SD Project is to teach various audiences how to reduce dog-related injuries in children, slowly it adapted to other demographics. Banning a specific breed (or breeds) or dog will never accomplish this as most dog-related injuries come from the family pet or the pet of a relative or friend.  It is through educating every one whether they have a child or dog or not that incidents will be reduced.

Dog safety spot.

April 8, 2002, WTTG Fox 5 News Washington, DC.

 Karen, her son Connor (then 3) and D'Argo.

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